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VO2010 Results

This past weekend, the third annual Vancouver Open took place in beautiful British Columbia. The competition was a success and even garnered some media attention. Everyone seemed to have a good time at the competition, and some great performances were had by many.

In the end, it was Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid once again winning the competition for the third straight year with an average in the final of 13.22 seconds. Deseree Aune took second place with an average of 13.62 seconds. And rounding out the top three, up from the US for his second stint with us, was Kevin Hays with an average of 13.89 seconds.

Deseree also reclaimed the single solve record for fastest female with a 9.13 second solve in the second round, while Forte Shinko set the National Record for the Square-1 average at 18.06 seconds.

Many thanks to all the cubers that made it out, to all the volunteers that spent the day with us and to Science World for graciously allowing us to host the event at their facilities. A very special thank you to Vince Yim for all the effort put in to the event. He did a great job, the result of which was quite evident at the competition.

Next up for canadianCUBING is the Toronto Open, Summer 2010 competition. Stay tuned in the coming days for the official announcement and registration.