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TOS2010 Results

The Toronto Open, Summer 2010 competition happened this past weekend. We had a great turn out once again, and we managed to complete the day in good time. Many thanks to all that helped out to ensure we could accomplish everything we had hoped.

We had many out of town guests compete, and many fast competitors, making it quite possible the highest skilled competition we've had so far. The result was, for the first time ever, a non Canadian won the competition. Anthony Brooks, up for his third competition with us, won the competition with a great average of 10.79 seconds. Rowan Kinneavy, of the UK, came second with an average of 11.09 seconds. And rounding out the top three was our own Jai Gambhir with an average of 12.50 seconds. For full results from the competition, click here.

The next Toronto area competition will be TOF 2010, and is scheduled for November 27th. Information and registration will be done in October. We hope to see many of you there again.