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TOS2009 Results

Another competition is behind us. The Toronto Open, Summer 2009 competition went off on Saturday without a hitch. In fact, instead of being behind schedule like usual, we were so far ahead of schedule, the organizers were not sure what to do with the time. The result was a more dynamic 3x3x3 final round. Competitors squared off two at a time, going head to head in a very exciting round. Spectators were treated to matches of Harris Chan vs. Eric Limeback, Sarah Strong vs. Emily Wang, just to name a few.

Congratulations to all the winners, and all competitors that set personal bests and achieved their own set goals. It was a fun, but tiring, day for all involved. Once again, thank you to all our volunteers for helping make the competition run so smoothly. You are welcome back anytime. Thank you to the parents for allowing the cubers to stay as long as you did. And thank you to the cubers for doing their part to help speed up the day.

Special thanks to Shahriar Ameri, Simba Mai, and Sarah Strong for doing a large portion of the scrambling. And to David Champagne for all his help before and after the competition. Hopefully together we can bring one of these to Halifax.

We will see many of you in about a month's time. Keep practicing!