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TOF2010 Results

This past Saturday saw Canada's last competition of 2010 go off without a hitch. A total of 100 competitors came out for it, a record for a local competition here in Canada. We were treated to some amazing times set by a number of people, most notably by Rowe Hessler, who set an astounding 7.06 second 3x3x3 solve in the final round. His second sub 8 second solve of the day.

In the end, it was Rowe Hessler, up for his third Canadian competition, who won the event with an average of 11.26 seconds. In second place was Jai Gambhir with an average of 12.25 and in third was Emily Wang with an average of 12.27. Emily also reclaimed her NAR's for both single and average in the Megaminx event. Click here for the complete results.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and competitors that helped make the day a success. We have are currently in the works to finalize some competition dates for 2011. Stay tuned to this site for more details.