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TOF2007 Results

The Toronto Open, Fall 2007 speedcubing competition has come to an end. Thank you to everyone that came out to participate, watch, and most importantly, volunteer their time and effort. It simply would not be possible without people donating their time for all of us cubers. A special thank you goes out to the Walter and Moseley families who were by my side, virtually all day. And thank you to the beautiful Merchandise girl, Simone.

I hope everyone had a good time, and I encourage you all to sign up for the forum, share your experiences, thoughts, constructive criticisms, etc. I will begin gathering all the information from everyone and compile it into coherent sections. So feel free to write your own report and post it on the forum. The best ones will be copied and pasted onto this site, with due credit, of course. So write well!

To see the complete results from the competition, click here.