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NCR2011 Results

The National Capital Region 2011 competition happened last weekend in Rockland, Ontario. After a two year hiatus, Derrick Eide returned to remind everyone he is one of the best in the country at virtually every event. Derrick ended up winning the competition with an 11.94 second average in the final round of the 3x3x3 event. Justin Jaffray came second with 12.86 and in third was Louis Cormier with an average of 15.34 seconds.

Many thanks to everyone that showed up for the competition and to all the volunteers that helped make the day run. We hope to have another competition in the Ottawa region again.

Up next for canadianCUBING is Cube Centric in Toronto next weekend, June 4. Registration closes mid week, so make sure you sign up if you are coming!