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MTL2014 Results

The Montréal Open 2014 competition took place on Saturday in Quebec. We had well over 60 competitors show up, with almost half being first time competitors.

Antoine Cantin won the competition with an average of 10.21 seconds in the final round of 3x3x3. Louis Cormier finished second at 10.85 and Emily Wang finished third averaging 11.23.

Louis Cormier set the NAR for Megaminx single at 43.84 seconds. Antoine Cantin set the NR for 3x3x3 average at 8.79 seconds. Julian David set the NR for Pyraminx single and average at 2.77 and 4.04 respectively. And finally, Emily Wang set the NR for 6x6x6 single and average with times of 2:02.41 and 2:06.37 respectively.

Congratulations to all record breakers and winners from the competition. Special thanks to the competitors that travelled far and wide to attend, and to those that jumped in and helped judge and scramble to make the day run smoother. Special thanks to Chantal Cormier for her role in organizing the competition.