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MTL2013 Results

Rowe Hessler won the Montreal Open 2013 with an average of 9.53 seconds. Justin Jaffray finished second (10.24) and Louis Cormier finished third (11.07).

There was a number of records set at the competition. Emily Wang set the National Record for 5x5x5 average at 1:11.55. Emily wasn't done there, setting the North American record for Megaminx with an average of 54.96. Antoine Cantin added to his NR collection setting new records for One Handed Single (11.75) and One Handed Average (16.10). And finally, Julian David became the first Canadian to successfully solve a 5x5x5 Blindfolded, with a time of 18:10.

Stay tuned for more competitions coming up, including Toronto, Ottawa and an announcement about The Canadian Open 2013.