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Canadian Open 2011 Results

The third installment of the biennual Canadian Open took place this past weekend in Toronto. The event saw 100+ competitors compete in 16 different events, with a total of $1600 in cash prizes handed out.

Each competitor also received a free gift package that contained a CO Shirt, canadianCUBING messenger bag, Rubik’s backpack, Rubik’s Pen, Rubik’s stress ball, two sets of 3x3x3 stickers, and a 5ML syringe of the new Bubba-Loo lube.

In the end, it was Breandan Vallance claiming top prize with a win in the 3x3x3 speedsolve event with an average of 10.04 seconds. Harris Chan came second with an average of 10.40 seconds, and Eric Limeback captured third with an average of 11.49 seconds. There were a number of National and North American Records set as well. Check out the results for all the details.

Many thanks to all the competitors that came out, all the volunteers, and to Rubik’s for their support in making the event a success.

The next canadianCUBING competition is the Vancouver Open, Summer 2011 competition taking place this weekend in Vancouver, BC.