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C32008 Results

The canadianCUBING Classic was held yesterday at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. The event was a great success, with many amazing times set, personal records, National and North American records broken, as well. I have submitted the official results to the WCA, but I believe Ron is in Germany so I am not sure when they will be posted. You will be able to find them here when they are up.

As usual, many thanks go to all the volunteers that donated all their time and efforts to making this competition run smoothly. We had a lot of competitors this time, and we were not too far off the schedule after all was said and done. Special thanks to the Moseley family, the Chan family, the Walter family, the Mativo family, the Ontario Science Centre, and Jai Gambhir for single handedly scrambling about half of all the cubes that day, he was a machine.

We had some media attention yesterday, to see a brief video of the event by the Toronto Sun, click here. Discuss the competition here.

I will do a full report again in the coming weeks; we took pictures this time so I have to wade through them. Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone that came out to make this competition a memorable event. Keep practicing, and keep checking this site to see when the next competition will be held. But don't be surprised if we have another one this summer.