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canadianCUBING is pleased to present the Niagara Open, Summer 2008, Special Events Competition (NOS). It will take place on August 23rd at the MacBain Community Centre, which is located at 7150 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

This competition is like no other we have had previously, it will have many usual events and also many special events. Be sure to read over all of the information about the competition below before you register. Since there are so many events there are a few aspects about the events that are different from other competitions we have had.

This is an official WCA event, and as such all official regulations will be followed. Please take some time to read them over before the day of the competition, especially if you have never competed before.

Registration is currently open, and will remain open until August 20th, 2008. So be sure to register before that date. Please remember, when you register you will receive an email. In the email is a link to allow you to edit your registration, including events, up to the close date of the registration. If you wish to change something, do not register again. Simply use the link provided in the email. Click here to complete your registration.

The cost to competitors that register online before the close date will be a $10 entrance fee which will include one event. Each additional event the competitor wishes to enter will be an additional $2 to a maximum of $20. If you miss the online registration, you can register the morning of the competition; the price at that time will be $15 entrance fee and include one event. Each additional event will still be $2.

There is complementary parking at the community centre. Cost for spectators is free of charge.

NOS 2008 will hold many events and will be divided into two groups: Main Stage and Side Stage. These will have separate timing stations. The main stage events will run like we normally do, with a set schedule. The side stage events will run concurrently as the main events. Those competing in the side events will have to make time to complete their average at the side events competition area to compete. The side stage will not have the tournament displays.

Main Stage Events

  • 2x2
  • 3x3
  • 3x3 One-Handed
  • 3x3 Blindfold
  • 5x5
  • Magic
  • Master Magic

Side Stage Events

  • 3x3 Multi Blindfold
  • 3x3 With Feet
  • Pyraminx
  • Megaminx
  • Square-1
  • Rubik’s Clock

A tentative schedule of events will be released closer to the day of the competition once we have a better idea of turnout. As mentioned, the side events schedule will be done throughout the day as the competitors have time. It is the competitor’s responsibility to find the time for their average to be completed. We encourage the multiple blindfold participants to arrange their attempt in the morning to get it out of the way.

The prizes for this competition will consist of puzzle prize packs, compliments of Kroeger Inc and Seventowns and certificates complements of canadianCUBING.

For main stage events, first place in an event will get two puzzles, stickers and a certificate. Second place in a main stage event gets a puzzle, stickers and a certificated. Third place in a main stage event will receive stickers and a certificate.

Top 3 places in a side stage event will receive a certificate. First place in a side stage event will receive a puzzle.

For those guests traveling from out of town and wish to find accommodations near the venue, we are recommending the Peninsula Inn as a common hotel. We will look into having a group rate if enough people will be staying there. If you are looking for a specific hotel, you can find a list of hotels around the venue here.

There is a place to eat at the community center for competitors and guests to purchase food. Conversely, competitors and guest are permitted to bring food with them to save money.

canadianCUBING will be selling merchandise at the competition for those who are looking to purchase puzzles, shirts, stickers, and accessories. We will provide a full list of items with prices closer to the date of the competition.

There currently is no after party scheduled, but we will look into something for those who are interested. Most of us will be traveling a long way, so some competitors may want to leave soon after the competition. Check back here for information as we approach the date.

In case someone actually reads this part. I want to reiterate: We are always looking for dedicated people to donate their time and efforts to these competitions. We need scramblers and judges for every round of every event, this includes the side events stage.

It is great for parents, siblings, friends, or anyone that wants to come and be involved but does not want to compete yet. If you are too timid to compete, come help out! We will provide training the morning of the competition for those wishing to help out. If you would like to help out during the competition please send us an email and let us know to aid in planning.